Perflex Company&Products

Perflex is a leading manufacturer of corrugated and helical metal hose and braided products. Perflex has been a pioneer from the beginning and continues today in the design and manufacture of flexible metal hose. With a significant know-how, Perflex also designs and manufacture hose production line and turn key hose production facilities.

Perflex hoses, known  for their durability and resistance to corrosion, are used in many indusrties by hundreds of companies.

The Perflex Mission

It is our mission to be the manufacturer of choice by being fast, being flexible and being focused;

  • Fast in developing new models, superior and personalized customer service, production and delivery,
  • Flexible in understanding the customer needs and offering exceptional solutions,
  • Focused in cutting-edge industry expertise and producing high quality flexible metal hose and braid with competitive pricing

Product Offerings

Perflex provides unique breadth and depth of highly durable products. Perflex products outlast competitive hoses, saving time and Money in replacement costs and down time. Perflex delivers high quality products that lead the industry in wall thickness, providing for greater durability and improved resistance to chemical corrosion as well as improved reability in high pressure applications.

  • Industrial Metal Flexible Hose (Braided- Unbraided) – with end fittings
  • Sprinkler Hose ( Braided – Unbraided)
  • Boiler Flex
  • Insulated Solar Flexible Hose – with brass end fittings
  • Fancoil Connection Hose
  • Aquaflex Connection Hose – with stainless steel end fittings
  • Vibration Absorber Hose – with copper or stainless steel ends
  • Exproof Cable Protection Hose – with accesories

Perflex also understands that unique applications require unique products and is committed to manufacturing products that distributors and end-users need. Perflex has the technology and know-how to create custom hose and braid products that meet specific application requirements.